Why the Condition of Your Basement Windows is Important

Even though your basement windows are much smaller and less visible than the rest of the windows, they play a crucial role in the energy efficiency throughout your home. And even though they may go unnoticed to you, from the outside they can also contribute significantly to the overall curb appeal and resale value of […]

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3 Benefits of New Windows in the Spring

Many homeowners often have window replacements written at the top of their to-do home improvement list, and it’s a project that can often linger on that list for far too long. Aside from knowing that it needs to be done, it’s also important to know when the best time is to tackle this project. Although […]

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Keep Your Glass Clean from Sticky-Fingered Children

Kids seem to love touching glass surfaces, and keeping the glass areas around your home crystal clear can be a major challenge. If you’re sick of finding smudges and dirt on your mirrors from your children, read on. We provide some simple solutions on how you can get the perfect shine even after your glass […]

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6 Benefits of a Glass Top Table

Are you looking for a new table or a way to spice up an existing one? Why not consider a glass top table for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen? Glass top tables are the perfect solution when you desire a table with a beautiful appearance, combined with low maintenance. Here are some of the […]

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Condensation on Your Windows

If you’re noticing condensation on your windows, it can become bothersome. But it can also cause some pretty hefty damage to your windows over time as well. If you’ve recently upgraded to energy efficient windows, you may detect more condensation than before. Here we’ll take a look at what causes condensation, when enough is too […]

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