Spring Rain on Flowers

Stay Ahead of Spring Window Leaks This Year

Air and water leaks are a common occurrence in many homes and can easily occur over the years with enough wear and tear from constant exposure to the weather elements. But staying ahead of any window leaks this spring can be easier than you think. It can also save you a lot of money by […]

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Glass dining room table

6 Benefits of a Glass Top Table

Are you looking for a new table or a way to spice up an existing one? Why not consider a glass top table for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen? Glass top tables are the perfect solution when you desire a table with a beautiful appearance, combined with low maintenance. Here are some of the […]

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condensation on windows

Condensation on Your Windows

If you’re noticing condensation on your windows, it can become bothersome. But it can also cause some pretty hefty damage to your windows over time as well. If you’ve recently upgraded to energy efficient windows, you may detect more condensation than before. Here we’ll take a look at what causes condensation, when enough is too […]

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how to take care of your mirrors and wash them

How to Care for Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your interior design can work wonders for providing light and the illusion of space to just about any room. They can enhance your walls, allow you to get creative and even artistic with the design and frames. And of course, keeping them crystal clear is as important as the frame they’re in. […]

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M&T glass cleaner

Why Everyone is Talking About Our Glass Cleaner

Chances are that if you’ve ever had to clean glass (who hasn’t?) you’ve had to endure that intense, blue spray. It seems to be what many people still rely on, not because they love it, but because it’s the easiest one to grab and go at the store. But as you spray that bold blue […]

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