a white vanity against a white wall with a large mirror

Create Your Own Personal Vanity Space

It’s a dream for some to have their own space to do makeup, put on accessories, and have the mirror all to themselves. And you can make this dream a reality by creating your own personal vanity space. With a few tools and materials, you can put together a simple yet functional design to store […]

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Understanding Glass Edgeworks Options

Understanding Glass Edgework Options

The smooth, sleek finish that glass can provide on any given surface makes it the perfect addition to any tabletop furniture, not only to enhance the look of it, but to protect the surface as well. Instead of worrying about scratching up your coffee table, you can have that peace of mind knowing that maintenance […]

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Glass dining room table

6 Benefits of a Glass Top Table

Are you looking for a new table or a way to spice up an existing one? Why not consider a glass top table for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen? Glass top tables are the perfect solution when you desire a table with a beautiful appearance, combined with low maintenance. Here are some of the […]

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