Doors for Ottawa Homes

Entrance Doors

Along with windows and patio doors, OSTACO has vast selection of entrance doors in both fiberglass and steel including the very latest from Therma-tru®. Whether you’re simply looking to replace your existing door, or to significantly improve your curb appeal, we have the solutions you’re looking for! Complete with OSTACO’s lifetime warranty, that’s peace of mind!

Patio Doors

If you’re looking for new or replacement patio doors, we have several different options available from OSTACO, including the renowned “MOOSE”, engineered and built for our harsh Canadian environment, and complete with OSTACO’s lifetime warranty. If your application requires aluminum, we have great solutions from Everlast and Sunview. Our patio doors are available in standard and custom sizes so modifying your opening is not required. If you want something a little different than a traditional patio door, you can choose a terrace or garden door. These doors are available in colour with a great variety of decorative glass.

Ostaco Windows & Doors


Storm Doors

Brighten up your interior, beautify your exterior and keep the pests out! Our partner Everlast offers some of the best the industry has to offer. Besides a wide variety of models and finishes, Everlast doors are sturdy! In fact compared to value brand or builder quality doors, Everlast doors are manufactured with up to three times the amount of aluminum ensuring your door will be here for years to come!

Want something a little different but with a very wide options of colours? Everlast also produces two beautiful vinyl storm door options!

Everlast Door Design Victoria 2
Everlast Door Design Victoria 1
Everlast Door design Deluxe Self Storing
Everlast Door Design Colonial
Everlast Door Design 1 Lite
Everlast Door Design 3 Lite Self Storing
Everlast Door Design 30538
Everlast Door Design 30535S1
Everlast Door Design 30535S2
Everlast Door Design 30535

Other Types of Doors

We sell a variety of other windows and doors in Ottawa, such as closet doors, sliding office partition doors and dividers, as well as several options for custom doors if our standard models do not adequately address your needs.