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Is your patio door screen in desperate need of new wheels or rollers? Does your window screen need fasteners or is it just full of holes? Whatever it is we are here to help. Whether you need to finally replace that broken window screen, want a new screen for your patio door, or just have questions about how to maintain your screens year round, M&T Glass is your trusted screen repair store in Ottawa. A fully-functional screen door protects you and your family from harmful pests while providing you the airflow to keep your house fresh inside.

We strive to help you keep your screen doors and windows functioning and looking their best at all times. That is why we offer an extensive selection of residential and commercial screen doors and frames, door screen repair options, gaskets and weather-strip of any kind. Latches, cranks, spindles, locks, hinges, gears, screws, stabilizer arms, snubbers, handles, clutches, drip caps, footbolts, roller cams, rails, turn buttons – whatever it is you’re looking for, we either stock it or can order it directly from our long-established supply network.

We carry fiberglass, aluminum, pet resistant, “no see-em” (fine mesh) screen and wind blocking vinyl sheeting. M&T Glass can offer you pretty much everything you need to get that screen installed or fixed right the first time. With the committed support of our professional team on the job, your screen door project is bound to be a success.

Having an industry expert like M&T Glass to work with makes your screen installation process quicker, a lot easier and more affordable. You won’t have to struggle with follow-up repairs or replacements. Our vast selection includes almost every type of screen door part plus replacement and repair kits to blend into the character and unique style of your home or commercial property.

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