Residential Window Glass and Hardware Repair in Ottawa

M&T Glass is Ottawa’s residential window glass and hardware specialist! Our team of experts offers an extensive range of repair services throughout the city of Ottawa. Glass, hardware, screens, screen door repair and everything in between, M&T Glass has you covered. No one stocks more hardware then M&T Glass!

Our expert onsite technicians are able to perform glass and window repairs quickly, professionally, and safely.

We offer free estimates, and for repairs that simply can’t wait, we also provide emergency service, which means we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

For the DIY enthusiast, we carry a wide selection of hardware and replacement glass products specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Screen Door Repair Ottawa

Also called a storm door, with new glass, hardware or screen, we can help your old screen door look and perform better. Why replace it when you can fix it and save!